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Janine Villareal
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Avatar Hello There!

You may already know that my name is Janine. I'm a computer science graduate aspiring to bring joy, excitement, and satisfaction to users around the globe!

What I've been upto.

For the first three months after graduation I decided to travel! I traveled to London, France, Germany, and Los Angeles!


After traveling and relaxing, I started thinking of projects to work on in order to improve my technical skills and practice what I've learned in university. One project that I have taken a particular liking to is the 'Daily UI Challenge' where I create UI everyday for a hundred days! Aside from that, I've been reading and brushing up on some HTML, CSS, PHP, and C#.

What I can do.
Tree photo- for growth and learning

I can learn.

Everyday I am learning. Years in university, working, and participating in extracurricular activities have taught me a lot about myself, others, and the world around me. The things I have learned helped me develop invaluable soft skills and technical skills. Good written and verbal communication, self-awareness, ability to work in a team, and effective problem solving, just to name a few.

I can do.

Finish line photo

I believe that applying what you learn in your everyday life is crucial. This is why everyday I try my hardest to apply the things I have learned to accomplish tasks and reach my goals.

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